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    Lessons from the Gig Economy

    The ever-expanding "gig economy" is having an impact across all industries, even usually slow-to-adapt senior...

    The Importance of Storytelling in Senior Living

    For nearly 18 months, each time a bell rang signaling the start of a meal, a resident of an Iowa senior living...

    4 Ways Senior Living Can Use Experiential Design

    The key to creating brand loyalty is understanding deeply what the consumer wants and giving it to them consistently.

    The Future of Senior Housing + Care / Annual Report

    Will innovations in design and construction and technology transform senior housing over the next decade? 

    What Excites (and Scares) Senior Living Leaders?

    As everyone begins to share their "End of Year" (and "End of Decade") lists we thought it was good timing to share...

    Songwriter Kevin Griffin Gives Senior Living Leaders Advice on Reinvention

    What does a career singer-songwriter have to tell folks in senior living about how to improve their industry?...

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