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At the Senior Living Innovation Forum, John Larricia, the CEO of Welcome Home Software, posed a thought-provoking question: "Are Salespeople About to Become Extinct?" This set the stage for an insightful exploration into how Artificial Intelligence (AI) could transform sales and marketing in the senior living sector.

The integration of AI into everyday tasks such as writing and planning suggests a future where technology takes on roles once thought to be exclusively human. However, Larricia argued that in senior living, a field deeply rooted in personal connection, AI does not spell the end for sales roles but instead signifies their transformation.

Larricia demonstrated how AI could provide sales teams with deeper insights into potential residents' preferences and needs, facilitating more personalized and effective communication strategies. Moreover, by handling routine administrative tasks, AI allows sales professionals to devote more time to nurturing relationships with prospects and their families.

The essence of Larricia's message was clear: AI is not a threat but a tool that when used wisely, can enhance the human aspects of sales. 

Watch the full talk below...


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Michael P. Owens is Co-Founder + Managing Partner of influence group, a leading producer of invite-only B2B events.

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