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Imagine a place where the golden years are not just comfortable but vibrant and full of life. This is the vision of Steve Nygren, CEO of Serenbe and a former renowned restaurateur, who is hoping to redefine the concept of senior living.

For 20 years, Serenbe has been a beacon of wellness and sustainability, nestled in the lush hills of South Fulton County, GA. This established community is now embarking on an exciting new venture: expanding into senior housing and assisted living, a milestone shared at the Senior Living Innovation Forum.

In his talk, Nygren posed thought-provoking questions about the future of senior living. Will stairs become architectural features promoting health, rather than mere utilities? Will the dull hues of mauve and beige be replaced by nature's vibrant palette? These questions are not merely rhetorical; they are the bedrock of Nygren's vision.

Nygren envisions a future of senior living that emphasizes integration over isolation. His plan involves integrating seniors into the community's core, amidst arts, agriculture, wellness, and education. The upcoming senior living campus at Serenbe will not just be about housing but about fostering a lifestyle that encourages intergenerational connections and active engagement.

In this new phase, Serenbe's ethos of embracing nature, vibrant colors, and an active lifestyle will be more prominent than ever. The design philosophy underscores the importance of keeping residents engaged with their environment and emphasizing lively, stimulating aesthetics.

Nygren's vision is one that blends community, sustainability, and a zest for life, promising a future where aging is not about slowing down but engaging more deeply with the world around us.

To dive deeper into Steve Nygren's inspiring vision for Serenbe, you can watch the complete talk below...



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