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At the Senior Living Innovation Forum, healthcare experience design leader Lindsey Mosby issued a challenge: "Lead with heart, not spreadsheets". 

Through poignant stories and a rousing call to action, Mosby painted a vivid portrait of the current landscape of senior living. She shed light on the deep chasm between what our aging population desires - understanding, connection, personalized care - and the isolation and overwhelm many still face.

Mosby made it clear - the time for incremental changes is over. 

Key Points:

  • Seniors want understanding, connection and to be treated as individuals, but often feel alone and overlooked. Mosby gave examples like an unattended friend's mother and an overwhelmed executive juggling caregiving.

  • We're in a "Relationship Economy" where how an organization makes people feel is everything. Senior living providers need to engage
    residents as unique human beings with their own stories.

  • Technology opens exciting possibilities from wearables to AI, but innovation should center on human needs and desires. Don't get distracted by gadgets and gizmos.

  • Senior living must shift to a more personalized, seamless experience tailored to each individual. Imagine a place where every resident feels cherished.

  • Providers should listen to what potential residents truly want and need. The time for cosmetic changes is over. Now is the moment to be audacious and pivot focus.

The Big Picture:

Mosby said the industry is ripe for human-centered innovation. This is an invitation to connect, create and redefine senior living as an encompassing, customized experience.

Watch the full talk below for more on how we can move beyond old models and lead with the heart to transform the future of senior living.




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